Closing Ceremony For Vocational Training Held in Mogadishu

It was a well-organized and colourful event for closing ceremony of vocational training course; this training involves 22 women survivors from Boondheere, Kaaraan and Yaaqshiid districts and it was held in Mogadishu on 18th January 2015. The event officially began at 9:00am in the morning. Different dignitaries from Boondheere district authority including the district commissioner, his deputy, the secretary, the women leader of the district, and members from women organizations based in Mogadishu and other honour guests as well as members from CISP and HIWA organization in partnership with CISP attended. Mr. Alas from HIWA organization has firstly opened the ceremony with remarks about the overview about the training course. Alas has said that this training has been going for beneficiaries for two months, an implemented by HIWA, a local organization in partnership with CISP through the project named ‘Promoting rights, protecting Women’.
Some of the beneficiaries were given speeches those have commented about the knowledge and the skills they have gained from the course. They have all stressed that it was an opportunity advantage to them to find such course which will improve their life. “On behalf of my fellow participants I would like to express our sincere gratitude to CISP for its valuable assistance,” said Madina, woman from beneficiaries.

“We are thanking to HIWA and CISP for their support and encouragement to educate us in order to sustain our livelihood, now we are able to find our bills from the instruments were given,” another beneficiary noted.

Miss Aliyo, chairlady of HIWA organization has also spoken at spot and further detailed that HIWA was established to empower the women’s livelihood. She called for Somali people to stand up for protecting the women’s rights in order to gain educated girls and women and thanked to CISP for the probable partnership. It is said that “first impressions are lasting “; for this reason, we would like on this occasion to express our profound gratitude and appreciation to CISP which has given us this useful partnership or sub-granted,” Aliyo told.

The Women leader of Bondhere district Miss Ruqiyo has brought brief focus on CISP’s potential activities in the district and thanked to the agency for the tremendous achievements it provided to the local women.

The district commissioner who spoke at ceremony has called CISP to continue and double the efforts to support and train Bondheere community and other communities in the country and pledged his district will work with the CISP effectively. “The history will commemorate the visible activities that CISP had done in Somalia, I utter to other INGOS, UN, and NGOS to do as CISP did,” said the DC of Boondheere district.

New products of clothes were seen on the walls in the result of the course, which attracted everyone at ceremony, on other hand; the beneficiaries were presented at closing ceremony one sewing machine, sewing thread and clothes as start kits to every one of them which makes possible for them to begin their jobs in their villages and markets. And this step made every person happy and very emotional.   The other participants from civil organizations who spoke at scene took an assured to support their girls and women in order to reach their goals and ambitions since the women are the backbone of every community in the world. Eventually, the ceremony concluded with good atmosphere and joys at 12:00am in the noon.

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