HIWA held Training on IDTR for 35 participants in Beledweine on 9th to 13th January 2016. The training was aimed to improve the people’s knowlege on IDTR. The five days training was very useful for the participants and different themes were covered during the five days sessions.

The 35 participants who attended the training expressed a lot of gratitude after they received more knowledge on difinition of IDTR, Child protection voilence, causes of child voilence, doing follow-up and reunification, using good communication when dealing with children who are lost from their families.

Recaping, sharing ideas, group discusion, and pre-post test to clarify whether they understood the lessons were used during the days training.

“We have learnt a lot in this training; we have learnt more about IDTR that is meant Identification, Tracing and Reunification,” said a female participant who attended the training.

The participants learnt how to identify and register separated and unaccompanied children, with the aim of reuniting them with their families, as well as provide psychosocial support.

“We learnt how to identify lost children, seperated and unaccompanied children,” said a male participant who attended the training on IDRT.

According UNICEF Report, to date, nearly 32,000 children are enjoying the resources and activities in over 350 of UNICEF’s partner run Child Friendly Spaces throughout Somalia.



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