Short-term strategic goals  Medium-term strategic goals  Long-term strategic goals 
·         Ensure equal access to education.  ·         Increase women’s access throughout the life cycle to appropriate, affordable and quality health care, information and relating service.  ·         Provide women access to savings and credit mechanism and institutions
Improve women’s access to vocational training, science, technology, and continuing education. ·         Provide protection, assistance and training to refugee women and internally  displaced women. 


·         Eradicate illiteracy among women 
·         Develop non-Discriminatory education and training.  ·         Facilitate women’s equal access   to resources, employment markets and trade.  ·         Eliminate occupational segregation and all forms of employment discrimination.
·         Strengthen preventive programs that promote women’s health ·         Strengthen      women’s economic capacity and commercial networks ·         Promotewomen’s economic  rights nd independence,       including access      to      employment; appropriate              working conditions and control over economic resources. 
·         Undertake gender sensitive initiatives that address                 sexually transmitted          diseases, HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive            health issues.  ·         Eliminateoccupational segregation and all forms of   employment discrimination.  ·         Eliminate     occupational segregation and all forms of employment discrimination. 


·         Take integrated measures to prevent and eliminate Violence against women ·         Promote harmonization  of work and         family responsibilities            for women and men. 


·         Promote and protect the human rights of women, through          the                   full implementation       of       all human rights instruments, especially the convention on the elimination of all forms     of     discrimination against women. 
·         Increases the participation of women in conflict resolution at a decision-making        level and protects      women living in institutions of the     armed     and     other conflicts.  ·         Take measures to ensure women’s equal access to and full participation in power structures and decision-making and leadership.  ·         Increase the participation and access of women to expression and decision-making in all through the media                 and           new technologies                      of communication. 
·         Promote women’s contribution to fostering a culture of peace. ·         Ensure equality and non-discrimination under the law and in practice and achieve legal literacy. 


·         Eliminate all forms of discrimination against the girl child. 
·         Involve women actively in environmental decision-making at             all levels.  ·         Eradicate violence against the girl child  ·         Eliminate the economic exploitation of child labor and protect young girls at work
·         Strengthen the role of the family in improving the status of the girl child ·         Promoting psychosocial well being to support the needy people  Promote survivors            skills and resilience. 


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