Raising Awareness on GVB conducted by HIWA in Beledweine

Gender-based violence (GBV) results in physical, sexual and psychological harm to both men and women and includes any form of violence or abuse that targets men or women on the basis of their sex as well as Unequal power relations between men and women significantly contribute to gender violence.  Working in close collaboration with community in Beledweine, HIWA has been playing in key role on raising its own awareness combating against any type of GVB in the community.

HIWA in partnership with UNICEF conducted awareness on GVB for 1284 members (Women 359, Girls 403, Men 205, and Boys 317) in this quarter 2 from December 2015 to February 2016; all these people were IDPs and Host community. These people have been from the villages of Beledweine Hawa-Tako, Koshin, Buundoweyn and Hawl-wadag.

The sessions for the awareness focuses on combating geneder based voilence against women and girls in Beledweyne, and have been guiding to the beneficiaries to reach MHCs inorder to gain free service provision if they meet any voilence against them.

The targeted communities were given outreach awareness on GBV prevention and response and IDTR including, Children like boys and girls, Community Leaders; religious leaders are who are committed taking steps such as giving awareness to the public against the danger of GBV. Religious leaders and community elders are giving directive to the society in the mosques and sometimes on the social media found in the district of Beletwein town.

The themes covered in the awareness sessions included GBV risks to the society and how to respond against violence, Child tracing and Reunification, how a serious GBV case can be referred, IDPs and host community mobilization and available services of GBV survivors.

“We realy received more knowledge from this awarness on GVB because I had no idea about GVB, and many voilence take place in our community, this awareness improved our understanding on GVB and how we can prevent and respond it, thanks to HIWA,” says Habibo         of three children from IDP camp in Beledweine.

“ We undergo different types of GVB and we don’t know how to respond it but now if one of us meets voilence, we will immediately contact with CCW from HIWA, who works with us if GVB happens to us, we can directly go to MCH inorder to receive care and support,” Amina, 21, added.



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