Tie-dyeing will improve my life

*Zahra, 23 year mother of 2 children. Her husband divorced her; she has been struggling to support her children and she was one of 30 women selected from three districts of Boondheere Kaaraan and Yaaqshiid in Mogadishu supported by CISP.  HIWA has handed Zahra and her colleagues and trained them.  She has learnt how to write Somali language basically, mathematics and tie and die.

“At first I did not understand the mathematics but I am now able to do correct calculations, write my name and conduct tie and dye. This is what I have been dreaming. Imagine!  Part of my dream comes true,”

“Tie-dyeing is based on the traditional art of folding or tying fabric to create resists that stop the dye from being absorbed into parts of the fabric, thereby forming unique patterns of color. I can use tie-dye to create a design on white fabric. Using the bucket method is a quick way to tie-dye several items at one time,”

“I was given after the course, rubber gloves to protect skin from fixer irritation and dye staining; “Paint shirts” to protect clothing, Bucket to mix fixer solution. Pitcher or jar to mix chemical water Cups, bottles or other containers in which to mix dye colors.”

“I’m very glad to have been able to learn all the lessions during the course. All the support and knowledge combined will improve our life. I will stop washing clothes for people in my village that was my work, I will come up with skills and knowledge and this is a profit of my life,”

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