Training on Law Enforcement concluded in Mogadishu

s1HIWA in cooperation with CISP had carried out training on law enforcement through community care project toolkit part three that was  aimed to strengthen the capacity of Somalia’s police and civilians  particularly polices and communities  in Yaaqshiid and Boondheere districts inorder to give access to survivors who undergo the different types of GVB.

This training was held for four groups from districts of Boondheere and Yaaqshiid from March 5th to April 31st 2016. Each group consisted of 30 persons and received 5 days in each week. The total participants from both districts were 120 participants. They included police forces, district administration members, peace committee leaders, religious leaders, and women group and community elders.

The training on law enforcement personnel particularly at the district level was to ensure that they are properly educated on law to protect citizens, especially GVB survivors in violent and insecure areas, especially women and girls who experience with SGBV, Working closely with communities in both districts. Respect for human rights and the promotion of gender equality is a primary focus area for the training, as is the development of an accountable and competent police service, ensuring compliance with and adherence to human rights standards. The trainined concentrated closely with police activities on law to institutionalize accountability, oversight and internal control mechanisms. Policing should complement existing and traditional community security structures and the justice sector so that those who are in conflict with the law have access to legal representation and due process.

The training was to critically reflect on myths about sexual violence in their community and list the components of the criminal justice system, and to be knowledgeable about the legal and procedural framework relating to sexual violence. The participants expressed free discussion on the role of police in preventing and responding to sexual violence and how to provide effective law enforcement response to sexual violence. During the trainings days they have also made good practice in receiving reports and conducting interviews with victims of sexual violence, including listing phase of an interview and having practiced interviewing victims of sexual violence and be able to demonstrate basic interviewing skills.

The two weeks days training covered different areas that educated for all police on human right and gender –based violence and improving community safety and security through community-based policing to strengthen community trust and collaboration with security actors.

“This is a very good training that build capacity of us police officer to improve our work and I am ready to work for my people that undergo sexual violence by using what I learnt from the training that is useful to me and as police officer our law is to protect people stay peace and safety especially victim of gender-based violence.”Said nur,one of the police officer.

“The training is helpful to us because I learnt how to work with the community for their safety on sexual  violence that happens in the community but GBV happens  in different ways so the knowledge I gained from the training will help me to learn on how police forces work together to eliminate gender based violence in the community. I loved to be police woman because I wanted to work for my community to be safe and live peacefully and arrest perpetrator always.” said Ladan police woman from Yagshiid.

In the training days there were presentations, reflection of the previews day wrap of the day which was their daily activity and was interesting to the participants and understand well.

“I learnt something important in the training because it helps the community to eliminate gender-based violence for working together with police officer and the administration group which is good unity to protect our communities and country too, what I learnt here is my work as community peace maker and feel happy to benefit knowledge that I didn’t know before and I will raise awareness about gender-based violence to clear from the communities.” Narrated Haji Ahmed, community peace maker from Yagshiid.

“Today it is a day that feel happy for this training of police officer, community and as administrations that come together to be trained on how to fight with gender-based violence in the community especially rape cases to be reported to police station in order to help the victim and be safe from sexual violenceviolence. I am here to help the women or girls that undergo sexual violence in the community because we here to work for their health, safety and security.” Said Mama Kaha, the deputy District commissner of Yaqshiid District.





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