About Us

HIWA(Humaniterian Intergrity For Women Action

HIWA is a local Somali humanitarian organization that has been working in Somalia particularly in Hiran, Middle Shabelle, Lower Shabelle, Jubba Regions & Banadir  region since it’s foundation in 1997.
After the phase out of the international community in 1995 a group of women in Hiran region with wide range knowledge of the Somali culture founded the organization in order to advocate for vulnerable women and children, peace/rights/protection, women empowerment, Relief and Development programs.
HIWA maintains its headquartered office in Beletwein the capital of Hiran region but it has branch office in Mogadishu the capital city of Somalia.HIWA‘s Board of Trustee consists of seven (7) members (individuals). The board are the decision making arm of the organization charged with networking, recruitment, and other important roles. The Board sits once every month and in the case of extraordinary meeting, it may be called by 2/3 of BOT or the Chairperson.
HIWA has an operating team of 15 individuals. They are charged with the actual implementation of projects as well as the maintenance of the secretarial activities.


Provide consultancy and suggestions to UN and other International Aid agencies in terms of planning, strategies and implementation methods in relief rehabilitation and development programs based on the local community needs.


Why Choose Us


To Raise the living standard of the vulnerable women, children and young people by supporting/mobilizing their conscious awareness on ownership feeling and transforming them into self reliance.


To alleviate the suffering of vulnerable women/children, and war affected people in south central regions of Somalia through provision of health, protection, education, Agriculture, skills opportunities, livelihood programs, as well offering technical assistance and training support on development maintenance.

Organization Objective
Organization Objective

• To promote public awareness on the child protection and human rights through capacity building and other supportive mechanism.
• To reduce illiteracy among Somali people particularly poor Women and orphaned children in Somalia.
• To raise the living standard of vulnerable Women/children through education, and livelihood initiatives.
• To providing free medical and hygiene awareness to vulnerable communities.
• To promote psychosocial of well being to war and drought affected people.
• To Support IDPs and self- returnees’ initiative programs.
• To promote Peace Advocacy and Women Political Participation.
• To provide clean water, and sanitation (WASH) activities to the vulnerable communities especially those in the IDP camps.
• To promote Agricultural production in south central Somalia

Future Plans
Future Plans

• Provide women access to savings and credit mechanism and institutions.
• Ensure equal access to education.
• Eradicate illiteracy among women.
• Improve women’s access to vocational training, science , technology, and continuing education.
• Develop non-discriminatory education and training.
• Promote life-long education and training for girls and women.
• Increase women’s access throughout the life cycle to appropriate, affordable and quality health care, information and relating service.
• Strengthen preventive programs that promote women’s health.
• Undertake gender sensitive initiatives that address sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health issues.